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iHerb Haul

I'm a bit late in posting this but I received an order I placed from iHerb. I made a post talking about getting to the root and true cause of my acne and came to the conclusion that my body was just in serious need of some vitamins. So let me show you what I… Continue reading iHerb Haul

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Getting To The Root Of My Acne

*warning: this is a very long post* So I have been doing a profuse amount of research these past few days, to the point where I’m tired of looking at my computer lol. But I did not come away empty handed! I have made it no secret that I have been struggling with my acne.… Continue reading Getting To The Root Of My Acne

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[Update 3] Project: Use up my stash

So I found this post in my drafts. I was supposed to post this before I left for Korea but the whirlwind of uprooting my life clearly took precedence over blogging lol. I still want to update you guys on my product stash so please imagine reading this as if it's still Summer time because… Continue reading [Update 3] Project: Use up my stash

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[Update 2] Project: Use up my stash!

Hello everyone, It's a beautifully sunny day and I hope you are all doing well. I'm back with another update for using up my stash. Bath and Body works just had their semi annual sale and guess what?? I didn't buy a single thing! Not even a candle. I really wanted some candles but I'm… Continue reading [Update 2] Project: Use up my stash!

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Life pressures, skin issues, unhealthy eating…

So my skin seems to be going through an "I-hate-you" phase. I haven't updated anything pertaining to my skin for the past month because there have been no positive changes. And for the past week or so my skin has been freaking out. I knew it was becoming too noticeable when my mom stopped talking… Continue reading Life pressures, skin issues, unhealthy eating…

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The Battle With Skin Texture…

So if you have been following my blog, I think it might be safe to say that you already know of my previous (and sometimes continuing) battle with acne and hyperpigmentation. When I was younger (high school and early college), it used to be really bad: blackheads, large cystic bumps (that don’t pop, but cause… Continue reading The Battle With Skin Texture…