Welcome Back To Blogging

Wow. I had no idea I haven't updated this blog sing August, so imagine my shock when I logged in and saw that my last post was August 9th! I'm sorry about that, but life has just gotten in the way. In my last post I told you all that I was moving to Korea… Continue reading Welcome Back To Blogging

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Vitamin C – NOT for me!

Okay, so you might not remember me. Hello, I'm the owner of this blog, nice to meet you. It has almost been two months since I have updated this blog and I will tell you why. My skin. I know this is a skincare blog, but a few days after my very last post (my… Continue reading Vitamin C – NOT for me!

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Life pressures, skin issues, unhealthy eating…

So my skin seems to be going through an "I-hate-you" phase. I haven't updated anything pertaining to my skin for the past month because there have been no positive changes. And for the past week or so my skin has been freaking out. I knew it was becoming too noticeable when my mom stopped talking… Continue reading Life pressures, skin issues, unhealthy eating…