Big news!

Hello my lovely readers! So I have some exciting news to share. I have hinted in a few blog posts that some changes are coming my way and that I might be moving soon. Well it's happening. I am moving to South Korea! I was supposed to post this when I first found out but… Continue reading Big news!

Food Chronicles

Spicy Korean Ramen Challenge

If you have been on YouTube within the past year, or on social media period, then I am certain that you have at least heard about the Korean spicy noodle challenge. There are tons of videos of people eating noodles and then carrying on about how hot it is and generally causing a scene for… Continue reading Spicy Korean Ramen Challenge

Skincare Reviews

Sheet Mask Review: Sur. Medic Bright Glutathione

This is yet another mask I purchased and ended up wishing that I had purchased more. Actually I didn't purchase this one at all; it was included as a free sample since I had spent over a certain dollar amount when I went on my last sheet mask haul. This mask was created by NeogenLab… Continue reading Sheet Mask Review: Sur. Medic Bright Glutathione

Skincare Reviews

First Impressions: Innisfree Bija trouble skin

Hello everyone? How is your summer going? Can you believe that it's actually almost over?? I'm so sad because I didn't really get to do much this Summer besides work. I went to an amusement park once with my family, and attended a book convention for two days up in New York but not much… Continue reading First Impressions: Innisfree Bija trouble skin