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[Update 2] Project: Use up my stash!

Hello everyone,

It’s a beautifully sunny day and I hope you are all doing well. I’m back with another update for using up my stash.

Bath and Body works just had their semi annual sale and guess what?? I didn’t buy a single thing! Not even a candle. I really wanted some candles but I’m so proud of myself for not ordering anything. I might be moving soon (a lot sooner than I ever thought) and now I am on a mission to continue to use up as much as I can. But it’s so so hard when you are only one person lol. It’s times like these when I question why I ever purchased so much to begin with. But oh well, on to the update!

I was able to use up quite a few products since my last update and I am happy to have finished as much as I did.


I was able to finish off three bottles of Bath & Body Works scents this past month. 1 shower gel and 2 body lotions. The blue bottle on the right also had a matching body spray but my sister wanted it so she could have a spray for her office at work. I gladly handed it over! lol.


I was also able to finish off two bottles of lotion. The lotion that still remains on the sides, I just couldn’t get it out. I beat the bottles until my hand hurt and even stood them upside down. The lotion clearly wanted to stay in the bottle so I left it lol. The red bottle was a favorite of mine and I am sad to see it go but happy to get it off my dresser. Unfortunately, Bath & Body Works does not sell this lotion anymore. The Hempz lotion on the right was a favorite and I went through this entire bottle within a few months…maybe only two. I’m not sure, I just know that I used it up quickly lol.


I was able to get through two body butters as well.The Egyptian Argan Oil body butter on the left is a fave. The scent, the texture, the way it sinks in and makes the skin feel. Yes, yes, and yes! By far my favorite from the C.Booth brand.

The strawberry body butter from The Body Shop is a Summer favorite. I love the smell of strawberry scented things even when it’s artificial. Idk why, I just always have. And this particular strawberry scent just makes me think of Summer time and sunshine and flowers and a day at the pool. I’ve only ever tried a handful of scents from The Body Shop, but of the ones I have tried, this is my favorite. A tub of lotion this size retails for around $30. Thank God for Marshalls, because I found it there for $10! So I bought two lol. It was a great deal at the time but it took me about a year to get through this huge tub.


Lastly, are my perfumes. The one on the left is the perfume by Selena Gomez that I mentioned in my post about my favorite perfumes. It’s a light and clean scent that is slightly fruity, slightly musky, and the scent lingers. I love it. I was sad to see this bottle finally reach it’s end.

The little hand lotion in the middle went with my Live Luxe perfume by Jennifer Lopez. I still have some perfume left (it’s literally lasted me years) but I was happy to see this little lotion go. I don’t particularly care for hand lotions that come with designer and celebrity perfumes because they are generally too strong to just be a lotion, and I can’t see myself reapplying it throughout the day because of it.

The perfume on the right is another J.Lo perfume which was a favorite of mine back in the day, now it’s just kind of meh to me. I wasn’t able to use the last of it because I actually forgot I had it since I have so many body sprays and perfumes to begin with. Since I waited so long to finish it, the perfume went bad. It’s actually not supposed to be that cloudy, murky color (gross, I know). It’s supposed to be a clear, orange liquid, so I’m tossing it.

Things I don’t have pictured: I was also able to use up a mini hand lotion from B&BW since I was carrying it around with me in my hand bag. I tossed it once I finished it, completely forgetting that I’m supposed to be keeping track of what I use up, lol. Also, my brother came to visit a couple of weeks ago and ended up taking a full bottle of lotion I had by the brand Keri. I’m glad he took it because they have changed the formula over the years and I don’t like it anymore. But for him and his dry skin, he loves it.


So that wraps up my update for this post! I’m working hard at finishing as much as I can. Anything old, I’m tossing it. And anything that anyone else wants, I’m graciously giving it away.

Updated Counter:

  • Perfumes – 13
  • Lotions/Body creams – 53
  • Body mists – 19
  • Mini lotions – 8
  • Mini body mists – 6
  • Secret stash of body lotions that I forgot about and just found – 7 *rolls eyes*


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