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Vitamin C – NOT for me!

Okay, so you might not remember me.

Hello, I’m the owner of this blog, nice to meet you. It has almost been two months since I have updated this blog and I will tell you why.

My skin.

I know this is a skincare blog, but a few days after my very last post (my skincare haul) I started breaking out. And it only got worse and worse…and worse. I’m talking huge nasty pustules filled with gunk that leave the skin raw and bright pink when they burst, mixed with super painful cystic acne. We all know cystic acne, right? The large hard lumps that sit under the skin and never come to a head in order to pop? Yea, those…

I did not take many pictures because I was so appalled at my skin and I had no idea why I was breaking out like I was. My diet hadn’t changed much, and I did not think I was allergic to any of my new products as I had been using them for a week already. I went to my mom, searched skincare forums, read blogs, researched hormonal acne for women in their 20’s, and came up blank each and every time. Even my African black soap was not working this time around and black soap ALWAYS works for me. So I was completely stumped.

Finally I just stopped everything. I set my products to the side and I put my thinking cap on.

I started using the tea tree face wash that I bought from papa recipe, I purchased some plain witch hazel, and a rose essence from Pixi Glow which is pretty much a gel type moisturizer. That’s it. That was my routine for around two weeks before my face started calming down.

I slowly started working the other things back into my routine (moisturizers, sheet masks, mud masks, oils). The only thing I did not put back into the routine was the vitamin c serum that I purchased from Soko Glam, and guess what??

I haven’t had a single cyst since I’ve stopped using it.

I had a couple pimples pop up because ‘Aunt Flo’ came to town for her monthly visit, but those went away like normal. I have not had the huge gunky pimples resurface again either.

So then I started looking up adverse reactions to vitamin C and it turns out, while there are a multitude of success stories from people using vitamin C, there are also many people that have had adverse reactions to it as well, such as…? You guessed it. Cystic acne and nasty gooey pustules.

I am now dealing with the after effects of having so many breakouts so quickly, one after the other, and on top of each other. I have LOADS of hyperpigmentation now.

I am soooooo disappointed. The vitamin C serum was the one thing I was the most excited for and wow, it sure did me dirty…

My current morning routine is now:

  • Tea tree face wash by Papa Recipe
  • Witch hazel
  • Rose essence by Pixi Glow
  • Green tea balancing lotion by Innisfree
  • SPF

My current night time routine is now:

  • Tea tree face wash by Papa Recipe
  • Charcoal mud mask (occasionally – once or twice a week)
  • Witch hazel
  • Rose essence by Pixi Glow
  • Sheet mask (occasionally – two to three times a week)
  • Citrus honey aqua glow gel moisturizer by Peach & Lily

My skin is slowly but surely getting better. My main focus now is, yet again, dealing with the hyperpigmentation. I don’t really know what to do for it now as I thought I was treating it by using the vitamin C. Now I am back to square one. More like square -1 since my face is now worse than when I started >.<

How have any of you been treating hyperpigmentation if you have it?


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