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Life pressures, skin issues, unhealthy eating…

So my skin seems to be going through an “I-hate-you” phase.

I haven’t updated anything pertaining to my skin for the past month because there have been no positive changes. And for the past week or so my skin has been freaking out. I knew it was becoming too noticeable when my mom stopped talking during our convo the other day just to say “your face is breaking out”. Then later on that same day, my sister says, “I noticed it. I just didn’t want to say anything in case you were sensitive about it. I figured it was stress.”


Well guess what? That kind of just made me freak out more.

My oil secretions have been super heavy lately. More than what I am used to. I almost feel like I am in high school again! My pores also seem to be bigger; probably due to the extra oil my face has been secreting lately. They look like tiny holes in my face.



The bumps and texture on my skin has not improved either. Every single bump I get leaves a nasty dark scar. And I have even been getting more breakouts lately too.

I have even gotten some of the nasty goopy ones that turn the surrounding skin red, and although they look ready to pop, they aren’t! Nothing comes out when you squeeze and they hurt! Even though I still get pimples, I haven’t seen pimples like this on my face, since I was in high school, and it’s quite startling.

Exhibit A. Towards the upper right you can still see my large pores too.



On top of all that, my skincare products are all practically empty.



To be completely transparent, I know there are things that I can do better health wise, such as:

  • Eat better. Since around January, I have been eating whatever is cheap, which tends to be mostly bread and chips or a combo of it, like sandwiches with a bag of Lays.
  • Keep my stress levels down. But this is hard when you are preparing for graduation and you are jobless at the moment. Jobless = cheap food because you can’t afford anything else. Anyone with experience trying to find a job in your actual career field after graduation knows how high stress levels can be.
  • Get more sleep. I dream of getting 8 to 9 hours a night. But that never happens.
  • Keep up with my skincare products. Keeping up with actually cleaning my face has never been a problem. But keeping up with repurchasing the products I use on my face has been. With the exception of all my mud masks (those lasts forever), my skincare cabinet is practically on E (empty), and with my savings account on reserve for my life bills, I figured buying skincare is not a priority at the moment.


I am quite wrong on that aspect. Skincare is and should always be a priority.

So I took a step back to really evaluate my current life choices and the things I am allowing to cause me daily stress. I am currently trying to change some things around and I went ahead and bought some new skincare products. A haul will be coming very soon when my new products arrive!

Some current and soon to be changes that I am making are:

  1. Stop stressing over my job prospects. Is it stressful? Yes. But there is nothing I can do about it besides apply for the open positions that are out there. Why stress over things I can’t control?
  2. Use my resources. I asked around, got in contact with people I know, and was able to secure a job for the Summer season. This should hold me over until I find the one I am truly looking for post graduation.
  3. Setting goals. My goal from here on out is to shut down my electronics by 9:30 pm. When I stay up late, it’s usually because I am watching countless YouTube videos or scrolling through Instagram. By the time I pull my eyes away from the screen, they feel dry, tired, and groggy. That needs to change.
  4. Eat the healthy foods that I can. True, I can’t afford all the healthy foods out there, and where I live, they can be pretty expensive. But that doesn’t mean that I can’t buy and eat the healthy foods that I can afford. My parents and grandparents have always been amazing at creating meals from items that don’t look like much of anything. It’s time I took some notes lol.
  5. Start working out again. I have realized that my skin looked best when I was sleeping well and working out every day. After my injury, I stopped working out completely. It’s been 2 whole years. I want to start working out again.

I think if I can achieve these things, I will start to see the differences in my skin. Stress, sleep, and diet play a major role in the health and appearance of our skin. But aside from that, I believe that it will make me feel better as a whole; both mentally and physically.


2 thoughts on “Life pressures, skin issues, unhealthy eating…

  1. I am totally relating right now as my skin is hating me too. I hope these steps really help you to get your skin back on track. Lately I’ve gone through a phase where I’ve just been eating too much junk so I’m now trying to turn it around again and cut back and drink more water. xx

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