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Vietnamese food for the first time!

The other day, one of my friends, offered to take me to a Vietnamese place near where we live. It was perfect, because the restaurant was literally the half way point between both of our houses. I had never tried Vietnamese food before but I really wanted to. I watch countless travel videos of people traveling throughout South East Asia and the food looks sooooo delicious!

I actually did not even know this restaurant was near me because it just blends in with it’s surroundings. It’s located in a shopping plaza with many other stores and places to eat (the Hibachi’s and pizza place a few doors down to the right probably see more business) but this restaurant is a little gem!


It’s owned by a Vietnamese family. Their specialty is noodle dishes. I decided on getting the Vermicelli noodles with chicken and a Vietnamese egg roll on top.


When I say that this food was delicious, I mean it. It was amazing! Like a little flavor party in my mouth. On top of the noodles is the chicken, of course, but there is also cucumber, carrots, peanuts, and bean sprouts (I actually hate bean sprouts). It also comes with some kind of wet vinegary type sauce; you can use as much or as little as you want. And they do not give you eating utensils. The chopsticks, forks, and napkins are already at the table on the side, along with two other sauces. One is a thick teriyaki type of sauce and the other is sriracha. A little bit of both of these in the dish, mixed with a little bit of the wet vinegar sauce and wow…just wow. I will most definitely be going back!

You know how the majority of baby food is flavorless? No salt, no sugar, and overall just very bland. Then when a baby tries something sweet or seasoned for the first time, they never want their own baby food again? That’s exactly how I felt while eating my food here and it’s also exactly why I love trying food from other cultures. The flavor pallet is just so different from what I’m used to, but it’s almost always delicious!

The restaurant is quite a small and simple place so it gives a pretty cozy feel. My friend and I went during late morning so it was not crowded at all. Unfortunately our server was quite irritated so the service wasn’t the best. My friend told me that she’s usually very nice and smiles often but on the day we went, she just wasn’t having it, which sucked. She got nicer though, after a certain large family left. I can only assume that they were the reason for her irritability. They certainly were getting on my nerves and I was sitting across the restaurant from them.

After I finished my dish, I was so hung up on that Vietnamese egg roll that I ordered a side of it. A side of egg rolls gives you two fairly long egg rolls. They had many different types of egg/spring rolls but the Vietnamese egg roll contains pork and vegetables. I don’t know what they season their pork with, but I need some of it in my life lol. And the crust of the roll was so crispy and flaky, it was just wonderful! When I ordered more and told the lady how good it was, I was able to make her smile. Yay! Lol

Overall, I would return to this restaurant again. Good food, quiet place, and the location is perfect for me (only around a 7 minute drive). My only critique would be to maintain professional customer service even if another party is annoying. We didn’t do anything so we shouldn’t be on the receiving end of your annoyance.

Pho Nhu Vu
1146 Pulaski Hwy
Bear, DE 19701
Hours: Opens at 10am every day and closes between 9 and 10pm depending on the day.


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