Food Chronicles

Semo’s Food Truck

Although I really love food, I don’t really get out a lot in order to try out new foods, and with my busy life right now I am too lazy to try out new recipes. But I wanted to share with you this food truck that I have fallen in love with!

This food truck is called Semo’s Gyros and Shish kababs and they are located in Wilmington, DE. Since it was right outside my job at the time, I would frequent this truck often on days I did not pack a lunch. Not only do they serve gyros and shish kababs, they also serve platters of food such as lamb over rice with salad, chicken over rice with salad, seafood, and some American foods such as hamburgers and hot dogs.

This is their lamb gyro 🥙

They have an actual restaurant around the corner from where this truck parks everyday but in my opinion, they get more business from the truck since it is so convenient. My favorite is anything with lamb. I usually go for the lamb gyro or the lamb over rice with salad. Sometimes, if I am feeling fancy, I will get the lamb and chicken combo over rice.

The meet is super tender and their rice is always cooked too perfection; never overcooked and mushy nor under cooked and crunchy. It’s always perfect. The food is always super flavorful and you can taste all the onion, garlic, curry, and cumin that they use depending on what it is you order.

The gyros and platters usually come slathered in sauces but you can opt out if you don’t want any. They have hot sauce and something they call ‘white sauce’ which in my opinion is a type of thin ranch dressing to tone down all the hot sauce they drench your food with lol. It’s still really delicious though. The men that work the truck are nice, move quickly, and talk just as fast so you won’t be waiting longer than a few minutes for your food, but listen carefully because you might not understand what they are saying to you unless you speak their language. Most of what you order comes with a free drink too.

Lamb over rice platter with free lemonade. I like to get both the hot sauce and white sauce.

If you live in Wilmington, Delaware or are passing through the area, be sure to stop by! It’s located directly on the corner of Jefferson and Delaware Avenue, parked right in front of a parking garage. If you see WSFS bank, you can’t miss the truck. Prices for food costs anywhere from $5-$9 which is very affordable in my opinion because you get A LOT of food. When I get the platter, I almost always have leftovers 🙂

Til next time!

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