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Review: Ultru True Rich Cream Nutrition Hydrogel Mask

This is the Ultru True Rich Cream Nutrition Hydrogel Mask! Sheesh that’s a long name lol

Verdict: LOOOVVEE!!!

I absolutely loved this mask and am so sad that I only purchased ONE ugh 😪

I purchased this mask on a trip to New York. The reason I only purchased one is because this mask costs $5. I’m cheap and I usually don’t spend over $3 for sheet masks, $3.50 AT MOST lol. I also realized that the lady who owned the store was just trying to get me to spend more money (even though my shopping total had already reached $50!) so I grabbed one so she could leave me alone.

This is a two-piece mask. At first I didn’t like the idea of a two piece mask but I ended up liking it. It was much easier to apply than a one piece mask in my opinion. The recommended time to leave this on is 15 to 20 minutes but I feel it can be left on much longer. I had it on my face for at least 45 minutes (I always do other things around the house when I’m sheet masking) and it was still moist when I took it off.

This mask is super refreshing! It was very cooling and soothing to my face and I didn’t want to take it off. The mask material is a very soft and smooth jelly type sheet. It is quite slippery so you must work carefully when applying. It fit to my face PERFECTLY and did not budge. I’ve used a hydrogel mask before and it would never stay put on my face. This one did! After using, my face felt so clean and sparkly ☺️The mask is also quite calming. I literally felt like I was at a spa…but I’ve never been to a spa so I guess that’s not really saying much lol.

The name ‘True Rich Cream’ is super fitting for this mask because it is SUPER moisturizing. My skin’s moisture levels were on point for a full 24hrs after using this mask and that’s not an exaggeration. The next day my mother even told me how clear and glowy my skin looked! My skin was plump, youthful looking, and bright. 

As I mentioned before, I bought this mask on a whim from a store in New York in Koreatown and I haven’t seen it anywhere since! 😩😩I will gladly spend 5 bucks on this mask again! I think it only comes in a pack of five at the most (I’ve noticed most higher end masks do) but if I can find this in a pack of ten, I just might scrounge up some dollars and buy it!
Recommend: YES

Repurchase: Oh Yea!👌🏾


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