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Botanic Farm sheet mask review

First, I want you to look at how this mask is sitting on my face.

Then I want you to look at my expression underneath the mask.

Yea…I am not amused.

This mask is by the brand Botanic Farm which is a brand that I have not heard of before so I wanted to try it. When it comes to sheet masks, it does not bother me if a brand is not well known as long as the sheet mask delivers. In this case, it did not. Here is why:

1. This is by far the most uncomfortable mask that I have ever worn on my face. For it to be a hydrogel mask, it is not flexible at all. One side has the hydrogel while the other side is a dry plastic. I would assume that this is so you are able to move and place the mask where you want without getting your hands messy but for some reason it was just awkward. The mask does not lay flat no matter how much I smooth it out. It bubbles and wrinkles and when I move my face around, I have darn near been poked in the eye by a raised section of the mask. This is not an exaggeration. I can only guess that this mask is this way because there are no little cuts along the edges of the mask for you to fit it to your face the way you like it.

2. This mask claims to improve the skin although I am not sure they mean improve the skin texture, dullness, moisture levels, I’m not entirely sure. But if it were supposed to do any of those things, it did not. My skin did not feel moisturized, just wet. After having used three of these, it did not improve my skin in brightness or texture. It was like I did not even put anything on my face.

3. There is not even a lot of essence on the mask, at least the masks that I opened didn’t. They were wet but not so much so that I felt it could moisturize my skin. While most masks have leftover essence in the pack, these did not.

4. There were no expiration dates on my mask! To my knowledge, depending on how natural the ingredients are in a product, skincare usually doesn’t last over a year to a year and a half. Definitely not longer than 2 years. There was a manufacturing date on the mask but no expiration date. The manufacturing date was from 2015. I bought these just this past June. That means I purchased these while they were already 2 years old! Ugh…I wish I had figured that out sooner. Or better yet, while I was still in the store. I bought these on a random trip to New York so I could not have returned them or gotten my money back even if I wanted to as I do not live in New York. What REALLY sucks is that I was so excited to be on a sheet mask haul that I bought these and another mask from the same brand in a pack on ten. And both of them work exactly the same despite claiming to do different things for the skin 😑.

The only thing good that I can say about these masks is that they do not have a scent so if anyone is sensitive to smells then this mask would be good for that. Other than that, I have nothing nice to say about this mask. And it also sucks that I may or may not have used a mask that had already gone bad. If you use this mask or get one from this brand (as they have many to choose from) just beware. Check the manufacturing dates first! As for the mask itself, good luck getting it to lay down on your face.

Recommend: NO

Repurchase: HECK NO!


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