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First Impressions: Innisfree Bija trouble skin

Hello everyone? How is your summer going? Can you believe that it’s actually almost over?? I’m so sad because I didn’t really get to do much this Summer besides work. I went to an amusement park once with my family, and attended a book convention for two days up in New York but not much else. Wahhh >_<

But that’s not what this post is about. I want to share a product with you all. A few months ago, I had an Innisfree haul and since I spent over a certain about of money, I received some free samples.


This is Innisfree’s weekly solution kit. Each little box contains a skin (toner) and a moisturizer/lotion for the face. I tried the Bija touble skin dual kit.

I was hoping for good things since I love the green tea set so much and their sheet masks are amazing but I was kind of let down upon using this. After cleansing my face, I waited for my face to dry a little bit before going in with the toner. Right off the bat, the smell is what I noticed first. I don’t really know what Bija is or exactly what it does for the skin but this product didn’t smell like anything I wanted to put on my face. It smelled like a mix between being herbal, medicated, and chemical. Not really a good mix.

The toner was very watery which was different than what I was expecting. The last Innisfree toner I used was fairly thick. This one was like putting water or witch hazel on my face. Not that this is a bad thing – as watery toners can still be moisturizing – I just wasn’t prepared. But unfortunately this toner was not moisturizing for me. Once I wiped the cotton pad over my face, it dried down and my skin felt slightly tight. I didn’t really like it. Not to mention, I couldn’t stand the smell either.

The lotion smelled exactly like the toner: herbal, medicated, chemical. Again, not a great mix. I would have been able to get past it if this was a product that I ended up falling in love with but I didn’t. I put this lotion on (after I basically beat it out the bottle!) and it was quite thin. My face did not feel particularly moisturized after use; it just made my skin less tight. This might be perfect had I been going out on a hot Summer day, but I was going to bed and the moisture was not enough. I woke up and my skin did not look plump and moisturized nor did it feel very…special (for lack of a better word). I would also like to warn that if you try these samples, it’s very hard to get the lotion out of the bottle. Although the lotion is a light and thinner lotion, the bottle is a very hard plastic that you cannot squeeze to even get the product out. That’s why I had to beat it out. Kind of hurt my hand in the process lol.

Overall, I did not really enjoy this sample and probably will not be using the rest nor would I buy the full size. Because I did not like this, I was hesitant to try the cica balm (the small white pack in the first picture at the bottom). I will probably give it to my mom to try. She likes free samples. I have other samples in the kit to try out but for now I will stick with the green tea.

How do you all feel about the Bija line from Innisfree?


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