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Product Empties #2

I won’t go into any long intros since the title of this blog post pretty much speaks for itself. So let’s get started! 

Alikay Naturals Honey and Sage deep conditioner

I LOVE THIS CONDITIONER! This product was in my last product empties and I raved about it. My opinions have not changed. My hair loves this stuff and drinks it up every time I use it. I honestly feel that my hair has flourished by adding this deep conditioner into my hair care regimen. As long as the formula for this product never changes, I will be a lifetime buyer of this stuff. It makes my hair so soft and gives it the nutrition it needs during my wash day. Not to mention it smells amazing! I can’t wait until the Black Friday sale comes around in November so I can stock up on the larger size 😊 This product is great for all hair types.

Alikay Naturals Lemongrass leave-in conditioning spray

The texture of this spray is pretty thick for a liquid but not so thick that it does not come out the bottle or that it comes out in an annoying stream. I’m not sure what kind of spray tops are being used but it covers a wide circumference when sprayed so I wouldn’t stand near any white walls when spraying this stuff as the actual liquid is yellow lol. I like using this spray on my hair daily and it is a lot more convenient than using cream based leave in conditioners. This moisturizes my hair just enough and leaves my hair quite soft. On days where I am being lazy and don’t want to style my hair, I spray my hair with this and throw it up into a puff. This product is great for all hair types but I would recommend it more for people who have some sort of texture to their hair (wavy, curly, kinky).

Alikay Naturals Essential 17 growth oil

This is a product that I have grown to love. I didn’t always like it and had a difficult time finding a way to get this product to work for me. It is an oil but it is very thin and runs everywhere. It seems like no matter how much or how little I put in my hair or on my scalp, it would not absorb and just run down my neck and sides of my face. Instead, I now mix this oil 50/50 with Jamaican Black Castor Oil (since JBCO is extremely thick), add a couple drops of peppermint oil, shake it up and go. It applies better, absorbs better, and works better for my scalp. It helps relieve any type of itching that I might have before wash day and puts much needed nutrients back in my scalp (especially during the winter!). This product is great for all hair types including people that might have scalp issues as this product is all natural.

Silicon Mix by Avanti

This is a Dominican brand conditioner that I decided to try one day due to rave reviews within the natural hair community. I tried it once and immediately knew I wouldn’t be taking this out of my hair care regimen any time soon. This is a creamy conditioner that literally melts the tangles out of my hair when I am in the shower. I often keep my hair in a protective style for one to two weeks at a time so therefore I am not detangling my hair every day. This makes detangling so easy, I absolutely love it! It also helps soften my hair too. The scent of this product is quite strong and perfumy though, and the smell lasts for a couple days after you rinse. If you are sensitive to smells, this product might not be a great one for you to use. This conditioner is great for all hair types.

Organix Renewing Moroccan Argan Oil

Another favorite of mine. This is a very light oil that does not make the hair heavy yet it penetrates the strands enough to soften and moisturize them. I like to use this oil when I have my hair straight because I have fine hair that gets weighed down easily when straightened. In its natural state, my hair is thick, big, and wild. But the moment I straighten it its light, wispy, and falls back into place even after I run or shake my head like crazy. This oil is light enough to keep my hair flowy yet protected from the harsh air of winter. It was perfect for the ends of my hair. This product is perfect for all hair types.

Village Naturals Lavender & Chamomile body butter

I bought this on a whim one day at Walmart and I enjoyed it very much. It is super thick and moisturizing which was perfect for the winter months. This butter mixed with its matching body mist was very relaxing and calming to use before bed. Unfortunately, I have not seen them in stores again so will not be repurchasing. I liked it, but not enough to search for it and order it online.

Bath & Body Works Lemoncello candle

I love Bath and Body Works candles. I do feel they are a bit pricey but I love them and only get them when they are on sale. When they were having the $8 sale, I stocked up on this one in particular. It has a strong lemony scent that is perfect for the spring and summer time and also for burning after cooking something with a strong scent (fish, curry, shrimp, anything fried with oil, etc.). It gets rid of bad smells amazingly well. I burn through this candle so much and so quickly that my sister is sick of it, lol. I hate that B&BW candles don’t burn all the way to the bottom though. For as much as they charge, I want to burn every last bit of wax!

Huggies baby wipes

I use baby wipes for just about anything: after using the bathroom, cleaning my hands when there is no soap, freshening up directly after a workout, freshening up midday during the summer when I’m feeling sticky and icky, wiping down my desk space, throughout the day when Mother Nature comes to town. Literally everything. They are quick, efficient, and I just can’t get enough. I have literally been using baby wipes for years and won’t be stopping any time soon.

Well that’s all for this product empties post. Let me know if you have tried and/or love any of these. Thanks for reading!

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