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Review: Ultru brightening jelly mask

Hello everyone! I’m back with yet another review 🙂 (I have a feeling most of my reviews will be sheet mask reviews lol)

So, I actually don’t know if this brand is called ‘Ultru’ or ‘I’m Sorry for My Skin’. Both names are on the package so it’s a bit confusing. But anyway, this is a mask that I picked up back in June when I took a trip to New York. I pretty much went on a sheet mask binge buy and bought these in a pack of ten. After I realized how much I spent that weekend, I regretted it lol. But after finally using a couple of them, my regret has lessened. These masks are great. I actually really like them and wish they were more readily available to me where I live. I don’t really trust ordering skincare products off of amazon (no way to be sure they are authentic) and I don’t want to have to travel 2 hours to Koreatown in New York in order to get these either.

This mask has a jelly-like essence that is a cloudy yellowy color. That sounds gross and it actually kind of is lol. The texture of it threw me off because even though the package says jelly, I was still expecting the watery essence that is the norm for sheet masks. I’m not used to jelly, slightly gooey textures in skincare products. This essence is thick and keeps the mask moist for a long time. You can probably keep the mask on for longer than the recommended time; especially if you use ALL of the essence (which believe me, you don’t want to do). If you do, it probably won’t even absorb into your skin because there is sooooo much left over in the package.

I can literally spoon this stuff out of here!

I don’t throw the remaining essence away though. I fold up the package and keep it in the fridge and use it as my toner/essence step in my routine. When that’s gone, I go back to my regular toner and essence….until I use another one of these sheet masks of course lol. If I were to use all ten of these masks and save the remaining essence left in the package, I could probably fill up a travel size bottle. Not even joking. If you use this mask and do choose to save the leftovers, I would recommend putting it in a jar type of container and not a bottle because this stuff is thick and once it’s at the bottom of the bottle, it’s hard to get out unless you thin it out by putting a little water in it (I know, I’ve tried it). So a screw top jar would be better.

Please excuse my bed time hair style lol

This mask has a larger fit and actually covers my forehead and nose! Most sheet masks only partially cover my head and nose. I’ve never been one to think I have a large head or nose but these masks I have been using now make me think otherwise lol. 

The mask feels very cool on the face and has a light, refreshing scent. The smell is very similar to the scent of green tea which I enjoy because I love green tea! After using this mask, I do not need to put on any remaining face lotions or creams. Using this mask would be the last step in my cleansing routine because it is so moisturizing. The next morning, I wake up to plump, soft skin and for my morning routine, I just rinse my face with water, apply sunblock, and then go on with my day.

Recommend: Yes

Repurchase: Yes, but I still haven’t found a way I can get my hands on these again without having to travel to New York. So my use of these will probably be very sporadic unless I can find a website that sells these.,, and all do not sell this mask. Waahh 😪


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