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Sheet Mask Empties!

Its time for this month’s sheet mask empties!

Sheet masks have become quite a obsession of mine because they are so fun and so easy to use. Not only that but if I want to try a new product brand, testing out their sheet masks is the easiest way to do it.

I do not sheet mask every single day. If I did, I would be buying sheet masks every single month. While sheet masks are pretty cheap for the most part, that will quickly add up so a few times a week serves me best.

TonyMoly Aloe Daily Fresh mask sheet

I did not use this entire pack this month, i just finished the last four or so. I love these masks. They give the skin a cool, slightly tingly sensation and they smell really clean but not too perfumey. These have become a go-to for me and even if I have a bagillion other masks to try, I have to have these in my stash. These were also the masks I used in my routine when I was trying to get rid of my hormonal acne. They worked like a charm 👌🏾. There is a slightly tacky finish with these masks but it fades quickly.

Recommend: yes

TonyMoly Pureness 100 Green Tea sheet mask

Another one of my favorites. These masks are meant to soothe the skin and they do exactly that. I love using these particular sheets at night as the scent is very calming. I have mentioned many times before that my skin loves green tea and these sheets are no exception. These are another mask that I will always have in my stash. There is a slightly tacky finish upon finishing these masks but fades quickly.

Recommend: yes

Innisfree Vita C Skin Clinic mask sheet

This mask claims to brighten, moisturize, and enhance dull skin. I can agree to the brightening and enhancing effects of the mask. After using it only twice, my skin did look brighter and more awake. This was my first time using a skincare product with vitamin C in it so I don’t really have anything else to compare it too but I liked these. As for the moisturizing properties of it, it could be better. It’s not bad or anything but my skin does not have the plumpness and elasticity I like after using these. But for the sake of the brightening, I would still buy them. There is no tacky finish after using these masks.

Recommend: yes

Innisfree It’s Real squeeze green tea mask sheet

One of many Innisfree sheet masks, I gave this specific one a try simply because it was green tea lol. I can’t really say there is anything special about this mask. It’s not bad by any means, I just prefer the pureness 100 green tea ones from TonyMoly. There is a strange scent to these masks that is far from smelling like green tea. They don’t stink per se but its not a scent I enjoy putting on my face. Just like the vita c masks, the moisture level is just OK. My skin still likes the green tea, this one is just not my favorite and I find myself grabbing other masks instead. No tacky finish either.

Recommend: not really

Miss Spa detox mask

I bought these on a whim one day at target as I wanted to test out the quality of some U.S masks. These did not disappoint like a couple of the others I bought did. I really do think these help at detoxing the face. There is a mild tingling sensation upon using these but it is not uncomfortable. The mask stays moist forever so you can actually go much longer than the recommended time of 20 minutes. I have reached into my trash bin the next morning to pinch the used mask and found it still wet! That was amazing to me. There is not much scent to this mask so is perfect for people who are sensitive to smells. This mask also helps improve the texture of the skin as I saw a difference after only one use. My nose usually has very tiny blackheads and whiteheads all over it and after using this mask, my nose was noticeably smoother. There is no tacky finish whatsoever with these masks.

Recommend: yes

A’Pieu Strawberry Milk one-pack mask sheet

This is another mask that I bought on impulse and greedy me bought a pack of ten before ever even trying it first. This mask was just OK. It was indeed moisturizing and my skin felt plump after using which I liked, but this mask claims to brighten and I saw no brightening effects. I guess I will have to use a few more in order to really see if it does. There is a stronger artificial strawberry scent that is pleasing to me but might be bothersome to people sensitive to fragrance. Also, I would not mix this mask with any lotions or creams that have a fruit scent. After massaging the essence from this mask into my face, I put some body cream on my hands before bed and the scent smelled quite bad mixed with the lingering scent of the mask essence. This took me by surprise because it has never happened with any other mask I’ve used before. So be careful about mixing scents with this mask. Lastly, there is a tacky finish that lasts a while but eventually fades.

Recommend: not entirely sure yet


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