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REVIEW: Innisfree Green Tea Balancing Set

I have actually wanted to review these products after the very first use; I ended up loving them just that much. But I also wanted to actually give my skin time to adjust to the products so that I could give a complete and honest review, so this is week 3 and here I am! Lol. I love these products! And even if they did not come in a discounted set like this, I would order them separately because they are awesome. 

Green Tea Cleansing Foam

A little goes a long way with this product. The first time I used it, it foamed up and created so much lather I ended up needing to use it on my neck and shoulders. So use less than you would with a normal face wash. The scent smells like a sweet yet herbal green tea and is very calming. If they made a mist that smelled like this, I would love to spray my sheets and pillow cases with this. The texture of the cleansing foam is very smooth and creamy. Your face feels super soft as you are massaging it in and I found myself wanting to just rub my face forever lol. The scent mixed with its smoothness was just amazing. After rinsing, my face did not feel stripped AT ALL. There was no tightness or dryness that seems to be normal after washing your face yet my face felt really clean.

Recommend: YES!

Green Tea Balancing Skin

I was not sure what this product was initially but found out that it’s supposed to serve as the toner. The thickness of the toner alone was enough to make me question whether or not this could really serve as a toner but i went ahead and tried it anyway. The texture of this product is almost like an essence. It is thicker than water and it puts you in the mind of watery gel. When I pour it onto my cotton pad, it does not soak into it right away which is fantastic because I can be sure that the product is getting on my face and that I’m not wasting any. After putting this on my face, my face feels really refreshed. On extremely hot days (and since I am also an oily skinned individual) I actually stop here. The toner is enough to keep my skin balanced throughout the day. Especially on the days where the weather is pushing 100 degrees 😓. If I need the extra moisture then I move on to the lotion.

Recommend: YES

Green Tea Balancing Lotion

This is a very thin and milky facial lotion. It seriously makes me feel like I’m putting green tea scented milk on my face, but is not so watery that it’s gross or that it has no moisturizing properties. The lightness of this lotion is perfect for the warmer months and does not leave you feeling greasy or as if your pores are clogging. It absorbs almost instantly and does not leave a tacky/sticky feeling on the skin. This lotion, like the toner, is very refreshing and makes me feel very awake yet it’s calming at the same time.

Recommend: YES

Overall these products are amazing and I will continue to buy them. I doubt anything can top my love for green tea products and this brand has the best green tea products I’ve tried so far. If you haven’t tried these products yet, I suggest you do. You won’t regret it!


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