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Sheet Mask Haul!

So, the other day, I did a thing (a bad thing since I am not supposed to be buying anymore sheet masks) and I went on a sheet mask buying binge! I spent way too much money, and if I wasn’t so darn happy to be trying out all the masks that I bought, I would be ashamed. But I’m not lol. Maybe my wallet’s feelings are a little hurt though.

I initially visited my local Ulta but for whatever reason, they have not been doing too well at keeping certain items in stock. It’s actually quite annoying. So I had to resort to buying online and paying for the darn shipping. At Ulta I restocked on one of my favorite sheet masks and that’s the Aloe Daily Fresh Mask Sheet by TonyMoly that comes in a pack of 10. The very first time I saw that there was a pack of 10, I only grabbed it because the price was so good. 10 sheet masks for only $8.50? Yes please! That’s only 85 cents per mask! I bought them on a whim and ended up loving them (click here to read how these masks helped me clear my hormonal acne) so this time around I was sure to grab two packs. I think this pack of ten must be an Ulta exclusive or something because I have not seen the pack of ten in any other store or on any other website.

Besides the Aloe masks, I picked up two other sheet masks by the same brand that I wanted to try out and that’s the peach mask sheet as well as the rose mask sheet. Peaches are supposed to be really good for the skin and I also love to eat them so I figured I would try one out lol. And my skin has reacted well to my rose water infused witch hazel that I have been using so I figured I would try the rose mask sheet as well. The green tea one came free with my purchase. When I looked this mask sheet up, I saw that this mask is originally $10 for one sheet! I’m glad it came free with my purchase. I don’t usually spend over $5 for a singular sheet mask.

Next, I made my way over to the website This is a company that I found on Instagram and I am so happy I did! They have so many sheet masks and for such good prices. They were having a really good sale at the time as well so even some of the more expensive masks were priced anywhere from $2.50 – $5.00.

First up are some masks by Skinfood.

I have been wanting to try the Skinfood brand for a few months now and what better way to get my feet wet with the brand than to try out some sheet masks? So I picked up the watermelon masks (for no other reason than that it was the 4th of July when I ordered these and I was feeling summery) and the greet tea masks. Green tea is my absolute fave so I don’t really care what brand it is, I’m going to try the green tea!

Next, I grabbed some masks by the brand Jayjun Cosmetics.

I do not know much about this brand but I have seen these masks on Instagram as well as in a few skincare videos I have watched; but the particular mask that is frequently mentioned is the one in the maroon and orange packaging which I believe is geared more for whitening. I’m not entirely sure because on (which is where I bought these) says that this mask is supposed to help whiten the skin. The actual Jayjun website only mentions brightening. So to be safe, I just did not purchase it. I stay away from all things whitening because lightening my skin is not something I care to do. I am a highly melanated individual and I want to stay that way. I know it is common in many Asian cultures to want to remain super pale and white, or if you are not, then find a way to be. But I am a black woman and I am proud of my color.

People seem to like to use the word whitening interchangeably with the word brightening. They are not the same thing. Brightening helps reduce hyperpigmentation left by acne and scarring and overall makes the skin look more even toned and “awake”. Whitening, on the other hand, halts the production of melanin and in the more extreme cases, actually bleaches the skin. Bleaching is a big no-no for me.

So anyway, I grabbed the Baby Pure Shining Mask (pink & blue packaging), Rose Blossom mask (hot pink & gold packaging), and the Collagen Skin Fit mask (khaki & brown packaging). The Baby Pure and Collagen masks are three-step and two-step masks respectively. I have never tried any three-step or two-step masks before which is why I only bought a few of each, but I can’t wait to try them! I thought the Rose Blossom masks were three-steps as well but they are not. Had I paid more attention while ordering, I would have ordered more as I know my skin likes rose water and singular sheet masks are so easy to use and I am sure I will like them.

Next up is yet another brand that I discovered through Instagram (I love the skincare community on there!): A’PIEU.

I grabbed the Strawberry Milk one-pack as well as the Green Tea Milk one-pack. I also seriously don’t have any other reason for getting these other than the fact that I like strawberries and green tea (you might get sick of how much I mention green tea on this blog, lol). I was a bit skeptical at first since the idea of putting milk on the face was a bit weird to me. But they each came in a pack of ten so, go hard or go home, right?

Okay, almost done here. Next, I grabbed a brand called Llang: On The Skin.

I have never heard nor seen this brand anywhere but while reading what these masks are supposed to do for the skin, I had to try. I have the Tea from the United Kingdom (pink), Seaweed from Jeju (green), and the Deep Sea Water from Hawaii (blue). These also don’t really look like your typical Korean sheet mask packaging in my opinion which is another reason why I dropped these into my shopping cart.

Last, but certainly not least, the final mask I have was a freebie and it’s the bright-glutathione mask by the brand Sur Medic.

I know nothing about this mask or brand. It was free so therefore is a part of my haul lol. The design of the mask package makes it look very medicated though and as if the sheet mask will smell slightly chemical. I don’t like that which is the reason I usually go for the more fun packaging.

Well, that’s my haul! I can’t wait to try these babies out! Sheet masks have definitely become a bit of a weakness for me. I still only use them for pamper nights (2 to 3 times a week) or if my skin is looking especially ragged (stress, period acne, lack of sleep).

Oh and one last thing! I went back to the website and lookie what I saw. The picture I posted was featured on the page in the collage of pics they post when people mention them on Instagram. So cool!


Thank you all for reading 😄

Have you tried any of these masks? Which are your favorites? Leave your comments below!


5 thoughts on “Sheet Mask Haul!

  1. Whoa! What a lovely massive sheet mask haul. I haven’t tried any of these masks but I’ve read lots of impressive reviews on the Jayjun ones.

    You’re gonna glow, girl! Have fun sheet masking. 💕


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