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Homemade Raspberry Jam

So, the other day, I made my very first cake from scratch: a cheesecake!

The white dollops are white chocolate

And it turned out absolutely delicious. Like, seriously. I surprised myself lol. It had fantastic flavor and the center of the cake did not fall during the baking or the cooling process which was a huge fear I had going into it. The cake turned out to be a huge hit among my family and a few coworkers. I topped the cake off with a raspberry sauce I made from scratch and white chocolate.Afterwards, I was left with so much raspberry sauce that I put the rest in a container and stuck it in the refrigerator. The next day when I took it out and gave it a quick stir, I noticed that the texture had completely changed; it thickened even more and took on the texture of a fruit jam! (I didn’t know this could happen, I’m new in the sauce/jam making world).

Intrigued, I went ahead and tried it on a biscuit.

Yall…when I say it was absolutely delicious, it was ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS! So guess who is going to the store to buy some bagels or biscuits or just bread in general?? This girl. Right here. Lol

Since I was so excited about it, I thought I would share what I did to make this jam. It’s super easy.

What you’ll need:

• 1 cup of cold water

• 1 cup of sugar (maybe a little more or less, depending on how sweet you want it)

• ¼ teaspoon of lemon extract

• 2 tablespoons of corn starch

• 12 oz. of raspberries


• Pour ¾ cups of the water and the cup of sugar into a pot and bring it to a low boil, stirring frequently.

• Put in the 12oz. of raspberries. Smash and stir them in the pot with the back of the spoon. Do this until the sauce is as chunky or as smooth as you want it to be. Bring this to a low boil.

• (Optional) Add more sugar. How much, is completely up to you.

• Add the ¼ teaspoon of lemon extract and stir.

• Mix the 2 tablespoons of corn starch with the remaining ¼ cup of water until dissolved. Pour this into the pot and stir.

• Let simmer for a few minutes then remove from heat.

• Place in an empty container (a mason jar would be perfect!) and refrigerate overnight.

• The jam should be thicker than when you initially removed it from the heat.

Boom! Now you have raspberry jam!

I hope you try this out. It’s super easy to make and taste finger-licking good 😋. You can also add 1 teaspoon of pure vanilla extract to the mix but I chose not to.

Thanks for stopping by!


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