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Review: MissSpa 24k Gold Radiance sheet mask

Recently I tried out a new sheet mask by the brand Miss Spa. They are a U.S. skincare brand and they have quite a few sheet masks to choose from on their website. Finding all of them in-store though, could be a problem as stores in my area seem to only carry around 3 to 4 masks out of their collection of about 10.

I first tried their detox black mask and I have nothing but good things to say about that one. My skin felt extremely balanced; not oily but definitely not dry either. And my skin texture was obviously improved the next morning after only one use. So, feeling good about that whole experience, I wanted to try their 24k gold radiance mask which claims to restore and brighten. And well….I was left very disappointed.

Disappointment #1

I thought the mask was going to actually be gold like the cartoon girl on the package but it wasn’t, so hooray for false advertising 😒. It was your typical white cloth sheet mask only with fake gold sprinkled on it. It reminded me of the gold and silver decorations that we would use back in elementary or middle school when we needed to decorate a project. Not only that, but it was spread unevenly throughout the mask. All the “gold” was centralized in the very center of the mask along the fold. I tried to spread it around but that didn’t work.

Disappointment #2

The essence was scent free for the most part and very watery. Some people might find this as a positive but the essence was too watery for my taste and I was hoping for at least a light, clean scent. There was plenty left over in the packet. As you can see, it is tinged gold.

When on the skin, it is very shimmery. I left it on for the recommended amount of time then took it off. I was left with a streak of gold down the center of my face.

Disappointment #3

After rubbing/patting in the remaining essence, I was left with dewy, slightly shimmery skin; almost as if I had placed a light coating of highlighter all over my face. Some people might like this sun-kissed look. I, however, do not. The dewiness mixed with the shimmer just made me look oily and since I am already an oily-skinned individual, that look was a solid NO for me. I ended up rinsing my face (I had to scrub at my hairline because the gold latched onto my hair and was not trying to let go!)

Disappointment #4

Lastly, I was not sure what this mask was trying to ‘restore’ like it claims on the package, and my skin was definitely not brightened (unless you want to count the shimmery-ness the gold leaves behind which, again, is just false advertising in my opinion. That’s not real brightening. It’s glitter). I think it is safe to say that I will not be repurchasing this sheet mask.


Light essence (if you like watery essences)

• Moisturizes the skin enough (if you are oily like me)

• Scent free (if you are sensitive to fragranced things)


Does not do what it claims

• Is not even a gold mask!

• Essence was too watery ( I prefer the thicker than water but thinner than gel texture)

• Was not a fan of the shimmery-ness left behind

Recommend: No


2 thoughts on “Review: MissSpa 24k Gold Radiance sheet mask

  1. Too bad this didn’t work nicely. Eeek! A sheet mask with shimmer and glitter is a no-no for me too.

    Anyways, thanks for sharing this review. You have such a beautiful skin. 💕


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