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이니스프리 Innisfree review: Perfect UV Protection Cream

I just recently presented this product in my most recent skincare haul. I went on an Innisfree binge and picked this sunblock up for their buy one get one free deal they had at the time. I was hoping for great things from this sunblock since Innisfree has a pretty good rep within the skincare community and this product did not disappoint!

To set the stage, I have oily skin. Not normal, not combo, not sometimes dry in the winter time. I literally look like the church pastor blessed me with a bottle of holy oil. Repeatedly. All year-round.

I have been hearing and reading more and more about how important it is to wear sunblock; even on cloudy days (and yes all my melanated people out there, we must wear sunblock too). So when I was on the Innisfree website I saw they had a couple to choose from. When I saw they had a version specifically for oily skin, I immediately added it to my cart. And I am so glad I did!

The consistency is like a thick cream but not so thick that it is heavy. It has the typical sunblock scent but it is very light and does not linger. Also, it absorbs quickly and there is NO WHITE CAST! This was something that I was worried about because sunblock (no matter where its from or what brand) tends to always leave some kind of ashy white/gray cast on the skin unless its a spray block. But then the spray blocks tend to be way too greasy which is something I definitely don’t need because I secrete enough oil to moisten a frying skillet. So imagine how happy I was to find out that this one has no white cast and is far from being oily. It has a slightly matte finish which I enjoy (I get tired of being excessively shiny all the time) and I honestly believe this sunblock controls my sebum production. On the days that I have worn this sunblock I have had a less oily face by the end of the work day than I have any other regular day without it. Being that this product was the only new thing in my routine, I attribute that fact to this product.

Long story short: I love this product and I have found a new favorite sunblock. It is the first time I have ever tried a Korean sunblock (a sunblock from any foreign country, really) and I will continue to use it as long as my skin continues to love it 😍

Recommend: Yes!

Have any of you tried this sunblock or any others from Innisfree? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below! Thanks for reading 😊✌🏾


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