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How I clear my hormonal acne

So…it’s around that time of the month for me when Mother Nature wants to drop off her monthly gift 😒 and just like many girls out there, my skin tends to freak out during this time.

Usually for me, my hormonal/period acne is a couple of bumps in random areas of my face such as between my brows, on or near my nose, and random areas on my cheeks. Most times they are large and painful, but other times they can be small and white (and quite gross looking). But for whatever reason, this time around, my acne stayed in a centralized area and it was WAY more than what’s normal for me – almost like a rash.

My period acne usually comes about a week to a week in a half before my actual cycle. This is how I know that my day is getting close and that I should begin to start carrying feminine supplies with me from day to day, if I’m not already.
Since this breakout was worse than my others, I took extreme care this time around. I don’t know if I am the only one who feels this way but my first instinct when I start to get bumps is to scrub it off with a scrub because I want them gone and I want them gone now. But that’s a HUGE NO-NO! and a mistake I commonly made early in my skincare journey. This time, I did it differently and it was gone in a matter of days. Before my cycle actually even showed up!

Step 1: Cleanse

I used African Black Soap to clean my face, and I washed twice. People who have dry or normal skin might find this extremely drying to the face as I have heard dry-skinned individuals say that Black Soap makes their skin feel drier. But for me, an oily-skinned individual, it made my skin feel extremely clean as if I had used a deep cleansing mud mask.

I know that the whole double cleansing idea is a part of the kbeauty world and the first cleanse should be with an oil cleanser but I do not own one. So the double cleanse happened with my black soap.

Step 2: Toner

I use an alcohol-free witch hazel as a toner as I have found many toners here in the US to be harsh and drying to the face. Like seriously, they sting my cheeks and burn my eyes. So I found this little beauty infused with aloe vera and rose water at Target and it is burn-free, sting-free, and smells like roses! 🌹 I can actually feel this putting moisture back into my skin and I really like it.

Step 3: Moisturize

I know, I know. The bottle says body lotion (all of you skincare nazis out there, please don’t come for me!) Lol I’m just telling you what worked for me.

This lotion is so gentle and very lightly scented. It is mineral oil free and contains honey and coriander and is very calming to the skin. Back when I used a harsh toner that stung my cheeks, I would use this afterwards and the calming effects were instant. It is from the brand Crabtree & Evelyn and is not cheap! But I love it so much. Luckily I purchased it on a very good sale. It’s perfect for everything. Hands, face, and body; I absolutely love it.

Step 3: Sheet Mask!

Since I am dealing with a break out, My goal is to clean, calm, and soothe. So I chose the Aloe mask from TonyMoly and I absolutely love these masks. These masks feel like they actually pull impurities out the face. There was a mild cooling and slight tingling after I applied the mask but not in an uncomfortable way. It felt more like it was actually working and doing something (idk how to describe it). I left this mask on for 30 minutes then pat in any essence that was left on my face. After this, I went to sleep! 😴

Here is the progression of my acne in order from Thursday evening to Sunday morning:

I did this routine every night. On Sunday, when my skin was back to a normal state, that is when I finally used my scrub. And I used the green tea facial scrub by St. Ives. There is nothing special about this scrub in my opinion. It smells nice and is gentle enough not to damage my face. My face feels smooth afterwards but that smoothness only last for like…a day lol. In the mornings, I simply splashed my face with warm water, massaged it a bit while it was wet, splashed again with cool water, then pat dry with a towel. Thats it.

I am so happy that I was able to get rid of it so quickly and wanted to share in case this could help anyone else out! No chemicals, no peels, no hormone balancing pills.

How do you get rid of your hormonal acne? I love hearing skincare stories 😊

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