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이니스프리 Innisfree haul!

I have been wanting to try the Innisfree brand ever since I first heard of Korean skincare (which is only this past winter). It was one of the first Korean brands I heard of and when I read about their green tea line, I knew I had to get my hands on it!

Throughout my entire acne and skincare journey, I have gone through many trials and errors. Through those trials and errors I have found out that my skin generally reacts well to products with green tea in them. I have never used a product with green tea and had an adverse reaction to it. In fact, I usually see a difference in my skin within a matter of days. Whether it be improved skin texture, balanced oil levels, or a reduction in the size of pimples, the difference is always positive. Im not sure what it is about green tea but my skin likes it. And when my skin likes something, I try to stick with it.

So Innisfree was having a sale where the box set could be purchased for a cheaper price than buying the products individually. And the products inside were full size with the exception of the cleansing foam. But you’ll see below that I went ahead and purchased the full size in addition to this box set.

I also picked up some sunblock. The more research I do into skincare the more I see an emphasis being placed on using sunblock. Especially on your face. I use the Neutrogena Ultra Sheer on my body but don’t really like it on my face. So I purchased the Innisfree Perfect UV Protection Cream. When I saw they had a version specifically for oily skin types, I added it to my shopping cart with zero hesitations. It was on sale for buy 1 get 1 free!

And of course I had to purchase some sheet masks. Sheet masks are so fun! And I like the shocked and surprised faces my family gives me when they walk in my room and see the mask on my face lol. The masks were buy 5 get 5 free for the Skin Clinic masks and I picked up the Catechin and the Vita C masks. Then I picked up 5 It’s Real sheet masks and of course I had to get the Green Tea! 😜

Lastly, since I spent over a certain amount of money, I received free samples. I got a sample pack of the Bija and Cica Cream as well the Weekly Solution kit which is basically miniature skin toners and facial lotions. They are super cute and tiny!

I am expecting nothing but great things from this brand as I have been watching tons of YouTube videos and reading lots of online reviews from multiple Kbeauty blogs and have never once come across a bad review (for the skincare. The makeup is another story lol)

I hope you enjoy my haul! There will be many more coming 😉


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