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REVIEW: TonyMoly Strawberry Nose Patch

So this was my first time ever using a nose patch of any kind. Nose patches and blackhead removers get a lot of buzz in the skincare world and I wanted to know what the hype was about. Not to mention that my nose seems to always have blackheads on them or some other type of bump filled with sebaceous gross-ness. So I thought I would give nose patches a go.

I stopped at my local Ulta and picked up these patches from TonyMoly.


I purchased two of them. If I remember correctly, they were buy one get one half off.

First off, the packaging is so cute! The little strawberry with the little nose patch on was absolutely adorable to me. I have noticed that Tony Moly usually has super cute packaging and lately I have had to stop myself from grabbing and buying things just because they are cute lol.

I followed the directions exactly as on the package. The first step, I removed the nose strip from its little pocket and placed it on my nose. It was a fairly large strip and covered not just my nose but also a little bit of my under eye/cheek area.


It was also very wet and when I ripped the package open, some of the liquid actually dripped onto my sink so be careful with how you handle if you are not in a bathroom when you use this. After a few minutes of having the first strip on my nose, I felt a very light cooling sensation. I wasn’t expecting that. I looked at the ingredient list and saw that peppermint extract was the seventh ingredient so that was probably where the cooling feeling was coming from. I liked it ^_^. I left this strip on for 15 minutes.

For the second step, I had to wet my nose before applying this strip. This is the sticky strip that is supposed to pull all the gunk out of your nose. I left this strip on for 15 minutes as well before pulling it off. Pulling it off HURT. Again, this was my first time ever using a nose patch. I never had to rip something off of my nose before and I found this to be quite painful. The most painful spots were my actual nostrils and the bridge of my nose….which is basically my entire nose lol. When I finally pulled the strip away, I looked at it and it did in fact pull some things out of my nose.

For the last step, I’m guessing this was the step to reseal my pores. I’m not entirely sure what this last step was for but after ripping the second strip off my nose, this last strip just felt good; really soothing. This last strip also smelled the best. All the strips smell very faintly of sweet artificial strawberries and cream. This last strip was the strongest smelling but not overpowering and the scent does not linger on your face upon removal. I left this strip on for 10 minutes.

Overall, I am not sure that I would repurchase this product again. Although it did pull some things out of my nose, it wasn’t much and it didn’t help with the actual bumpy look of my nose.

This is my nose BEFORE the 3-step patch.
This was my nose AFTER the 3-step patch.
And this was my nose the following morning.

As you can see there is not much difference. In fact, I actually got a new pimple! You can see it in the very last picture. It’s tiny, but It’s there. Idk if it is from this nose patch or if it was coming all along but it is quite the coincidence.

I think I will go ahead and use the second one that I have so I won’t waste my money but this is not a repurchase for me.


  • Smells good
  • Actually pulls stuff out of your nose
  • Cute packaging


  • Hurts to pull off sticky strip
  • Didn’t change the look of my nose/didn’t pull enough gunk out or reseal my pores well
  • May or may not have caused another pimple to come to surface

Have any of you tried this patch? Did you like it or would you recommend something else?


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